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Sites for Scientist Debate


Rutherford, Adam. (2014). “He may have unraveled DNA, but James Watson deserves to be shunned.” 

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. (2011). “DNA from the beginning”. 
(Search each scientists name for an individual biography)

Sullivan, Patricia. (October 7, 2004). Page B06. “Maurice Wilkins, DNA pioneer, dies at 88”.

National Institutes of Health. (2012). “The Francis Crick Papers: Profiles in Science”. 

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. (2003). “Code: Finding the Structure”.
(From the main website choose “Finding the Structure” and then “Players.” Watch the interview with each scientist to hear what they have to say about the discovery of the double-helix and their opinions of the other scientists involved).

Maisel, Marry & Smart, Laura. (1997). “Rosalind Elsie Franklin: Pioneer Molecular Biologist”.


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