Monday - Friday
7:15 am - 3:00 pm
Students will need a pass before school but will not need a pass to stay after school - you must have school related work with you.

WASHS library has over 12,000 books in print and over 8,000 ebooks available in electronic format. 
EBSCO ebook Login: 
Username: waynesborohs
Password: library

Due Dates and Fees
Each student may check out 2 library books for the duration of 6 weeks. After the due date students will be charged a $0.05 late fee per day until the book is returned. Students may renew their books twice.

Contact Information
Ms. Everett


Mrs. Schlegel                                           Mrs. Funk   
Library Assistant                       Library Assistant    
7 am - 11 am                                              11 am - 3 pm

(717) 762-1191 ext. 1236