Senior Year


  • Narrow your list of colleges. Typically students apply to 3-6 colleges. Review the application deadlines and procedures for these colleges. Use to compare yourself to the average student admitted last year at that school. You should have at least one school on your list where you can safely assume you will be admitted.
  • If the colleges you are applying to require a personal essay, start working on that NOW! Ask your teachers and parents to read your essay and offer feedback.
  • If you did not review your transcript last year, do it now! Request an unofficial copy of your transcript from either Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Weller and make sure all of your sports and activities are on it. If they are not, write them on the copy of the transcript, have your coach or advisor for that activity sign beside it and turn the transcript in to the Counseling Office on B-Level.


  • You should be submitting your applications. Most colleges prefer that you submit on-line. Be sure to print out any counselor pages that will need to be completed as a part of your application packet. Include them and any other materials that must go to the college via “snail mail” with your transcript request form. Colleges typically like all of your materials to come in one envelope.
  • Remember: Transcript requests are made to Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Weller in the B-Level office, and all requests require a form and $1 in order to be processed.  Processing time can be up to 10 days.
  • If you need teacher recommendations, ask your teachers at least two weeks ahead of the deadline for a letter. Ask your teacher to send the letter to Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Weller in the B-Level Office, and please indicate on your Transcript Request Form that the teacher will be sending it. By doing these steps, the teacher knows where to send it, and your counselor knows not to send your transcript without it!
  • Be sure to allow 10 school days to process your transcript. Remember there are two big holidays during this time and plan your applications around them.
  • If colleges require you to send mid-year or end-of-year grades, give the form to Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Weller in the B-level office, and your mid year or end of year grades will be sent to your college.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night in January with your parents!
  • After October 1, fill out the FAFSA. If you need assistance contact the Financial Aid Office at one of the colleges. They will be happy to walk you through the process.


  • No Senioritis! Colleges will look at your 2nd semester grades even after you have been accepted!
  • Work hard and stay involved. If you are wait-listed, colleges will want to see what you have done a good job right up to the end.
  • Keep track of all your financial aid offers. We tally up the total amount the class as a whole was offered and announce it at graduation.


  • You should receive acceptance letters and financial aid offers by mid-April.
  • Remember to use or to help with financial aid calculations and terms.
  • When you decide where you are going, notify your counselor.


  • By May 1st you must notify the colleges of your acceptance or rejection of their admission offer. 


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