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7 Reasons we’re Learning Latin

  1. English Vocabulary – Latin improves your vocabulary and helps you understand the English language. About 60% of all English words derive from Latin, and 90% of English words with more than 2 syllables have a Latin root! 
  2. Foreign Languages – Having a grasp of Latin aids in learning other languages. After learning Latin, learning any other language will be easier, but especially the romance languages. Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, and Romanian are all romance languages, and these languages derive more than 80% of words from Latin and their grammatical structure is similar to that of Latin.
  3. English Grammar – Many argue learning Latin grammar, which is organized better than English grammar, gives a student a superior understanding of the English language, even more than studying the English language does.
  4. Increase Standardized Test Scores – A student’s verbal, analytic, and problem solving scores all increase after studying Latin. A profile of SAT scores was completed recently which shows Latin students as compared to those learning French, Spanish, German, and Hebrew. The Latin students surpassed the test scores of every other group. This study showed this trend not just one year. All seven years of the study they observed Latin students outperformed others students.
  5. Key to the Past – Students have access to ancient scholars when they become proficient in Latin. You are able to examine many classical pieces of influential literature in their original language.
  6. Foundation of Sciences, Logic, Theology, and Law – Latin provides many root words for the modern sciences, and is the language of law, politics, logic, and theology.1 While it is true a large number of scientific terms come from Greek as well, all legal terms come from Latin. The study of logic also comes to us from Latin translations of Aristotle’s work from the Middle Ages. And in the West, theology was filtered through the Latin language, providing Christians with a rich and malleable language to discuss divine concepts.
  7. Intellectual Discipline – Latin is systematic and precise. It demands intellectual discipline. 

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