Mrs. Stacy Henderson



 Hello-My name is Stacy Henderson and I teach 9th grade Civics and 9th grade Honors Civics.

Focuses on the study of American government and citizenship. Students will study and analyze the beliefs, principles, and philosophies that shape our government. Primary sources such as The Declaration of IndependenceThe U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights will be analyzed in depth, along with related secondary sources. Students will also discuss and analyze current events and evaluate their impact on society. Civics is designed to inspire and motivate students to be informed and involved citizens. Students will be assessed through research projects, writing, and homework assignments.

Honors Civics: 
Provides a more in depth content analysis of American government. Students will be expected to complete numerous reading assignments independently and be prepared to participate in class discussions. Writing is a key component of assessment and students will be assessed on informational and persuasive writing. Assessments are more rigorous and include technical writing essays and short answer prompts. Students will complete multiple research projects. Students will also complete a Civic Participation Assignment. This assignment will require students to complete 9 hours of community service and 1 hour of attendance at a local government meeting.

Directions for Civic Participation Assignment.docx

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In every unit we cover in regular Civics classes, students have an opportunity to earn bonus points that will be applied to their unit test score. To earn the points, students need to complete a tagxedo ( OR a wordle ( using the vocabulary terms of that unit.


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