American History

Welcome to American History

This week in class we will be studying WWI.

Essential Question:

- What issues in Europe led to the outbreak of WWI?

- Why did America enter the war on the side of the Allies?

- How did America support the war on the home front?

- Why were the Allies victorious in WWI?

- How did the Treaty of Versailles impact future events?

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Course Resources:


American History (H211)

Instructor: Daniel Shaffer
Required Text: The Americans
Related Materials: 3-ring binder

Course Objectives: Students will demonstrate an understanding of:

o Students will demonstrate an understanding of the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to United States history.

o Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of primary documents, material artifacts and historic sites in United States history.

o How continuity and change has influenced United States history.

o Identify and evaluate conflict and cooperation among social groups and organizations in United States history.

Instructor Philosophy: Learning is an active process; it is not accomplished by simply telling information. Students must actively participate in the learning process and be given the opportunity to construct their own understandings. With this in mind, this course will stress hands-on activities and experiences that are student-directed.

Emergency Procedure: In case of emergency, make a right out of the classroom, and a right turn to the stairs to exit the building.

Tentative Course Outline:

Week 1 - 2: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Week 3 - 4: The Western Frontier

Week 5 - 6: A New Industrial Age

Week 7 - 8: Immigrants and Urbanization

Week 9 - 10: The Progressive Era

Week 11 - 12: America Claims an Empire

Week 13 - 14: World War I

Week 15 - 16: The Roaring Twenties

Week 17 - 18: The Great Depression

Week 19 - 20: World War II

Week 21 - 22: World War II

Week 23 - 26: Cold War Conflicts

Week 27 - 28: Kennedy and the Cold War

Week 29 - 30: Civil Rights

Week 31 - 32: The Vietnam War Years

Week 33 - 34: Social Change

Week 35 - 36: The U.S. in Today’s World

Week 18: Review and Final Exam

o For full credit, assignments must be turned in on their due date.
o Home/class work loses 25% for each day that it is late.
o Major projects lose 10% for each day that they are late.
o Follow all school rules. They are in your planner, and will be enforced.
o Treat everyone in the classroom with respect.
o Treat all property and materials with respect
o Come to class with all required materials.
o Attend class regularly and be on time.
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