What is a Flipped Classroom?

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Parent Letter from Mrs Behnke and Mrs Stoops regarding their Flipped Classrooms at Waynesboro Area Senior High School

Being a part of a flipped classroom doesn’t have to be scary and stress inducing for either the student or the parent.  The bottom line is this shift in teaching approach is being implemented with the student’s best interests in mind.  Research has shown that learning in a flipped classroom allows:

  • Flipped Learning personalizes learning for all students

  • Flipped Learning makes learning (not teaching) the center of the classroom.  

  • Flipped Learning maximizes the face-to-face time in the classroom.

  • Flipped Learning is a place for active interaction not passive listening.

  • Flipped Learning uses technology to support instruction not drive it.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

Flipped classroom will be different for most any teacher using the model.  There are really three main types of flipped classes.  

  1. Traditional

  2. Station Rotation

  3. Flex

Most teachers formulate a blend of elements from the different types to build their flipped classroom to suit the needs of their students and content the best.  Each teacher and level of content may look slightly different.

The main premise that is consistent between the models is that the traditional “lecture” style of material is no longer presented in the front, center of the classroom but has changed its location and time.  In a flipped class, students receive the content in short video presentations, content readings or other methods typically as homework.  Students then come to class prepared to work with the content.  The activities in class are now those practice assignments, lab experiments, or projects that were previously completed at home.  In this approach, students work under the guidance of the content “expert” to create an understanding of the materials.

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