Algebra 2 Syllabus

Waynesboro Area Senior High School

Mrs. K. Wareham

Course Syllabus

Course Title                                                   Honors Algebra 2/Algebra 2       

Department:                                       Mathematics

School Year:                                        2018-2019

Class Meets:                                       Period 2, 6, & 7

Instructor:                                           Mrs. Katrina Wareham

Phone:                                                   717-762-1191 (WASD), Ext. 2441`

E-Mail Address:                      

Teacher Webpage:                          Found on WASD website. Go to WASHS tab,over                                               "Meet Our Staff" and click on "Mrs. Katrina Wareham"  

Preferred Method of Contact:               E-mail (for quickest response).

Required Text:                                   Larson Algebra 2 by Larson, Boswell, Kanold & Stiff 
                                                                   (Holt McDougal, 2012)


Related Materials:  All students are required to have a scientific calculator each and every day.  You may purchase your own or you may borrow one from the school.  If you wish to borrow one, please ask me for a scientific calculator agreement form, get your parent to sign it and return it.  You will then be assigned a calculator for the year.   Also, you must have an organized binder that is solely for math.  You will use it for warm ups, taking notes, homework, etc.  If you are unable to purchase a binder for financial reasons, please see me.


Course Prerequisites: Each student must have passed both accelerated Algebra 1 and accelerated geometry with at least a “B” average.


Course Overview/Objectives:   “Algebra II students will extend their repertoire of functions to include polynomial, rational, trigonometric and radical functions.  Working closely with families of functions, students will apply their understanding of transformations.  Students will model situations and solve equations, including quadratics over the set of complex numbers and exponential equations using the properties of logarithms.  Students will use descriptive statistics and probability as a tool for making inferences about data.”  (from 2017-18 WASHS Course Selection Guide).  At the beginning of this course, students will review important Algebra 1 concepts.  Accelerated Algebra 2 will prepare you for your next accelerated math course: pre-calculus.


Course Instructor Philosophy:  I believe all students have the ability to learn mathematics.  However, in order for this to happen, students need to be self-motivated and have the proper support from home, their teacher, and sometimes, even their friends.  To do well in any math class, students need to really be involved while in class (by taking notes, asking and/or answering questions, volunteering to show and/or explain their work on the board, and working with other students, such as an assigned partner or a group) and be willing to do all assigned work inside and outside of class.  In addition, students need to think about the mathematical steps they are doing and not just do math in a “robotic” way.


Course Outline/Topics           Introduction: Algebra 1 Review

 To Be Covered:                          Unit 1:  Quadratic Functions and Factoring

                                                            Unit 2:  Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

                                                            Unit 3:  Rational Exponents and Radical Functions

                                                            Unit 4:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

                                                            Unit 5:  Rational Functions

                                                            Unit 6:  Data Analysis and Statistics

                                                            Unit 7:  Sequences and Series

Requirements:  Students should expect to have homework almost every night in this class.  It is strongly recommended that students set aside at least 20 minutes a night for doing
homework.  Homework will be graded for completion 2-3 times per week.

Quizzes and tests make up the majority of a students’ course grade.  But remember, if you aren’t practicing the math we are learning by doing your homework and class work on a regular basis,  your scores on these quizzes/tests will more than likely be lower than they would be if you did do your homework every day.  You will have a cumulative final exam  at the end of this course.

Other possible graded assignments include (but are not limited to): projects, writing assignments, pair work, group work, participation, and any class work that is collected (such as warm ups).  If you ever feel you need more help than what you are receiving during our regularly scheduled classroom time, you should come see me and make arrangements to get extra help before or after school.  I am very willing to help you.  You just need to ask!


Use of Technology:  Students will have access to graphing calculators while in class, but it is recommended that they have a calculator at home, as well.  In addition, I will sometimes use a document camera, my classroom computer, along with my LCD projector to display relevant information for students.


Assessment Plan:  Homework and class work is graded on the effort a student puts into his/her work. It does not have to be totally correct, but it can’t be totally incorrect, either.  Homework is worth 10%, class work is worth 20%, quizzes are worth 30% and tests are worth 40% of a student's final grade in this class.  

Quizzes, tests and the final exam are all graded on correctness (both the answer and any required work to be shown).  Partial credit is given when I feel it is appropriate.  Final grades are determined by the total points a student earns divided by the total points possible.
In general, I do not believe in extra credit, unless I give every student in the class the chance to earn the extra points.  It is usually only given for doing an especially challenging problem correctly that very few others in the class could figure out.

I will always send progress reports home at the mid quarter.  If you or your parents ever want to know how you are doing in this class, please make sure you are familiar with Sapphire (online grade book program), so you can check your grades on a regular basis.

                                                      WASHS Grading Scale

                                                              A:  90% - 100%

                                                              B:  80% -  89%

                                                              C:  70% - 79%

                                                              D:  60% - 69%

                                                              F:   below 60%


Behavioral Expectations:  For the most part, as long as you follow the GOLDEN RULE (treat others as you wish they would treat you), we should get along fine.  If you are doing something that bothers me or bothers others or I feel is inappropriate, I will let you know.  If you continue to misbehave, you will be issued a 30-minute detention that you may serve  after school from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m.  Sometimes, I may send you out into the hallway to “get your act together”.  If I ever do this, it is an automatic 30-minute detention.  I will only call home and/or send you to the office if I feel you and I cannot resolve the issue without outside help.

Please be kind in class whenever a person makes a mistake, whether it be a student or myself.  This is math class—mistakes WILL be made.  Feel free to point out mistakes you notice in a gentle, kind voice.  Do not make the person feel stupid and I promise we/I will treat you the same way when you make a mistake.  Nobody’s perfect!

REMIND Notifications:  So that you will be able to keep up with the demands of this class, whether you are in school or absent, I hope you will strongly consider signing  up for my daily REMIND messages.  “REMIND is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your class.  By joining…, you’re choosing to receive class messages via push notifications, SMS, or email.  Don’t worry, your phone number will not be shared with the teacher or anyone else in your class.”  You and/or your parents can subscribe/unsubscribe from REMIND at any time during the school year.  If you choose not to receive these notifications from me, it will be your responsibility to know what the assignment is for any given night, whether you in class or not. I recommend you get contact information from  1 or 2 responsible students in your class that are signed up for REMIND, so you can contact them whenever necessary.

Late/Make Up Work:  For each day that you have an excused absence, you have 2 school days to turn in all missed assignments.  After that, it will not be accepted.  If you have an extended absence, come see me and, together, we will come up with a reasonable amount of time for you to  complete your work.  I know that my class is not the only one in which you will have work to make up, so I will try to be fair.  The only work you can make up if you have an unexcused absence are major tests (see student handbook).

You have one chance to turn in your homework (unless you have an excused absence), and that is the day it is due.  Please do not try to turn it in later than the time it was due because I will not accept it.

 Emergency Procedures:  All of my students will be informed of the evacuation procedures for my classroom while in class.  I will also post them on my bulletin board, next to the door.

Suggestions for Success:  If you have actually read my course syllabus, you have already read many suggestions I have for you to be successful in my classroom.  You are in high school now and I bet you already know a lot about how to be successful.  It all depends if you are willing to put what you know works into action.  Here are my suggestions, anyway:


 DO YOUR HOMEWORK/In Class Assignments every day!  You will do SO MUCH better if you follow this rule.

 BE INVOLVED IN CLASS.  Don’t let a few students answer/ask all the questions.  That is boring!!  Be the first one to catch me when I make a mistake! 

 TAKE NOTES.  It really helps you when you are doing your homework!



    TO.                       I AM HAPPY TO HELP YOU!      

-Mrs. K. Wareham



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