Geometry Syllabus

Miss Tina L. Crawford
Senior High Mathematics
RM 431



Chapter 1:  Points, Lines, Planes, Angle Relationship--Essentials of Geometry
Chapter 3:  Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Chapter 4:  Congruent Triangles
Chapter 5:  Relationships Within Triangles
Chapter 6:  Similarity
Chapter 7:  Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Chapter 8:  Quadrilaterals
Chapter 10: Properties of Circles
Chapter 11: Measurement of Figures and Solids
Chapter 12: Probability

Note:  An introduction to basic Probability and Statistics plus Trig will be done in this course.

Note:  Some Algebra II Review may be deemed necessary if weaknesses exist for any student.


Sectional Tests and Quizzes within each Chapter
Unit Tests per Chapter
Midterm Test at halfway point
Final Test for every student required
Notebook Grades about every 3 weeks
Classroom Participation grade during lessons and group work
Homework grade based on about 4 out of 5 assignments per week
Computer Work


Attendance is absolutely expected.  If for any reason a student needs to legally miss class, I would recommend that I be given a chance to get work in advance ready at least 2 to 3 days before absence.  If ill, I would recommend asking guidance to issue notice to teacher to send work home as quickly as possible.  In addition, I can be contacted at the email listed below to get assignments and ask questions.


If legal absence, the student will be given 2 days for every day of absence to make-up assessments/assignments/projects missed during absence.   If additional help is needed to help the student achieve make-up work, the student may stay after school from 2:35 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. with the teacher and parental/guardian approval first.

Note:  The student is allowed to stay after school as long as the teacher is notified at least a day in advance.


I can be reached through direct mail to the high school.
I can also be reached through the guidance or front office call memos.  However, I will probably return calls at the end of the day due to being in class.
I can also be reached through the school email using
I will be sending progress reports home with your student every Friday for parent signature to be returned Monday by the student.
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