Mrs. Tina Crawford

Welcome to the 2018-19  school year!  I am beginning the 26th  year of teaching mathematics at Waynesboro High School.  I am  working from room 431 located in the  Mathematics wing on Level D.  I am  teaching Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7  for the Fall and Spring  Semesters of 2018-19.

 My schedule includes Period 1 --Support Period--We will work progress monitoring and coursework due for the Fall and Spring Semester teachers assignments.   This is a graded class based on student participation on their coursework for all teachers within their scheduled day.    We are working on the first marking period starting August 22, 2017. 

Period 3--Keystone Algebra I-- We are working on Chapter 1 with graphing, solving, and writing quadratic functions better known as parabolas in this first section.   We will show intercepts, maximums, and minimums along with the graph analysis of these functions.

Additionally, this course will provide test taking strategies and sample questions for preparation for the state Algebra I exam.  Sample retired Algebra I exams will be used too.  These sample tests will help the student prepare and recognize the setup and structure of these tests.   We work on Module 1 and Module 2 Algebra concepts to try to master mathematical techniques to solve Algebraic problems.

Period 4B and Period 6D--Algebra I--We are working on Chapter 1 with numeric and algebraic expressions similarities and differences.  We will then use Orders of Operations to simplify and evaluate a solution to these expressions with multiple steps until finding the solution.   Students will have to show and validate steps to all of these expressions.

Period 5 --Pre-Algebra --We are working on Chapter 1 with basic numeric and basic algebraic expressions similarities and differences.  We will then use Orders of Operations to simplify and evaluate a solution to these expressions.  Students will have to show some work to validate the solution.  Students will have to decode mathematical words to write these expressions as well as solve this basic expressions.

Period 7--Geometry --This course will focus on the building blocks of Geometry--points, lines, planes, segments, and rays--to solve practical problems and applications using defined and undefined terms.  Students will model their understanding of these defined and undefined terms by making models and by constructing drawings.  Various formulas such as distance formula and midpoint formula will be introduced and utilized within this Chapter.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts at I am available from 7:15 to 4:00 daily.  I will be sending a syllabus home with course content and additional information the first day of school.  And, I will be sending progress reports home mid-quarter and end of quarter.  All papers will come home with your child. Please notice that progress reports will require a parent signature.  The progress report will need to be returned to school with your child.

Thanks for your concern and assistance. 



Miss Crawford

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