Mr. Joshua Sprenkle

Mr. Sprenkle's Courses: 2016-2017

Biology I and II

Biology is the science of life.  In these courses we will study the characteristics of living things, how they interact with each other, and how they function.The course is designed to practice the scientific method and learn lab skills that will be used in future science courses.  Students will discover some of the hot topics in biology, use a variety of technologies, study discoveries impacting biology, and investigate careers in Biology. Students will learn the material that will be covered on the Biology Keystone.  Topics covered include:

*  Scientific Method
*  Characteristics of Living Things
*  Cell structure and function
*  Mitosis / Meiosis
*  Genetics
*  Ecology

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World History 

World History is the study of the historical development of the modern world. Students will build upon their knowledge of Western Civilization and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the rest of the world. Each civilization’s history is explored through the perspective of internal development and cross-cultural interaction. World History will begin with the Age of Exploration and move through the modern era. Students will be assessed in reading non-fiction text, persuasive writing, informal writing and note taking.

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