Syllabus for: Math, English, Science

Waynesboro Area Senior High School


Course Syllabus


Course Title and Number:                    Math 9th-12th Grade

Department:                                         Learning Support

Semester:                                             Fall and Spring


Instructor:                                            Mrs. Leah Young

Phone:                                                 (717) 762-1191 ext. 2353

E-Mail Address:                          

Teacher Webpage:                     


Preferred Method of Contact:              You can reach me by phone or e-mail.



Related Materials:                               Students will be required to bring to class a 3 or 5 subject notebook and expo markers as well as their planners and pencil everyday. 

Course Overview:                                In this course, the goal is for students to become proficient at managing their own personal finances.  In addition, students will become proficient at solving real life math problems using fractions, percentages, time, and measurement.


Course Objectives:                              Students will:

  • Manage personal finances.
  • Solve real life problems using different mathematical operations.
  • Practice basic skills.



Course Instructor Philosophy:            Allowing the students to learn in a safe and controlled environment.  I expect the students to treat each other and their teachers with respect. 


Course Outline/Topics:                        Earning a living

  • Students will learn about salary, how to read a pay stub, how to calculate overtime, double time, and time and a half.

    Buying Food

  • Students will learn how to read and compare prices, to compute the cost of single items and multiple items, compute change, and compare and compute unit prices.

    Managing a Household

  • Students will learn the many responsibilities involved in running a household such as paying rent, utilities, insurance, and budgeting money.



Course Requirements:                         Students will be required to come to class prepared and participate in class.  Students will complete oral, written, and reading assignments as well as working in small groups to complete assignments.



Use of Technology:                              Students will be asked to access information via the Internet and to use a word processor.







Assessment Plan:                                Students will be graded on classwork, tests and

quizzes, projects and homework. 

Student’s first and second quarter grades will be averaged together to calculate the final course grade.



Course Policies/Expectations:             CLASSROOM RULES:


  1. 1.1. Come on time and ready to learn.
  2. Work as best as you can.
  3. Be safe and respectful of others. 


Course Policies/Expectations:             CONSEQUENCES/ Progression of limits



  1. Verbal warning


  2. Name on board


  3. Check by name= 15 minute teacher detention and/or take unfinished work home to complete


  4. 2nd check by name = 30 minute teacher


If behavior continues you will be asked to leave classroom.  This will result in an office referral and your parent/guardian will be called. All detentions will be conducted during 2:30-3:00 time frame.




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