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Course Overview:This course provides the students with a comprehensive study of the keyelements of literature and language. We will focus on concepts, such asplot, characterization, setting, themes, literary devices, author'spurpose, poetry, etc. We will also incorporate several writingassignments throughout the course of the year.

10th Grade Curriculum

10th Grade Course Modules:
Module # 1 Rhetorical Devices Influence the Audience
Module # 2 Knowledge and Experience Shape Perspective
Module # 3 The Importance of Influential Relationships
Module # 4 How Events in Our Lives Impact Our Relationships with Others
Module # 5 How do Boundaries, such as Censorship, Limit our Freedom to Choose and to Express our Opinions
10th Grade Reading List
Chew on This
Julius Caesar
Fahrenheit 451
Princess Diana's Eulogy
Our Town
The Pearl
Bass, River, Shelia Mant
And of Clay are We Created
Into Thin Air
The Leap
The Glass Castle
Everyday Use
Two Kinds
 The Opportunity
I Am Malala
By the Waters of Babylon
Lamb to the Slaughter
The Possibility of Evil

11th Grade Curriculum
11th Grade Course Modules:
Module # 1 Rhetorical Devices Portray Emotions, Beliefs, and Experiences to an Audience
Module # 2 The Impact of Stereotypes on 21st Century Society
Module # 3 Propaganda and Satire
Module # 4 Evolution of the English Language
Module # 5 Pursuit of Happiness
11th Grade Reading List
Rain Before Dawn
The Things They Carried
The Great Debaters
A Raisin in the Sun
A Separate Peace
The Lowest Animal
The Modest Proposal
The Other
Animal Farm
Canterbury Tales
The Rights of Man
Of Mice and Men

American Literature Course Modules
Module # 1 Colonial American through Federal Union
Module # 2 A Growing Nation ( Early Nationalism through Post(-Civil War Reconstruction)
Module # 3 The Nation Transformed (Taming the West through WWI)
Module # 4 Modern Times (Roaring Twenties through Today)

American Literature Reading List

The Norton Anthology: American Literature, Baym, Levine, Franklin, Gura, Klinkowitz, Krupat, Loeffelhoz, Reesman, Wallace

Elements of Literature, Holt, Fifth and Sixth Courses


Note: This is a tentative outline that may change at the instructor’s discretion.

Course Requirements:Students will need to bring a three ring binder/notebook daily, with apen or pencil, as well as any curriculum materials we are currentlyworking on.
Assessment Plan:All written work is assigned a point value and will follow the districtgrading policy in all facets, including missing and late work. Totalpoints accumulated during The quarter are graded on a percentage basisusing the following scale:
Suggestions for Success:Students will be successful if they arrive on time and are prepared forclass. Student involvement in class discussions is strongly encouraged.Students are responsible for asking for makeup work after the absenceand should always seek help when they are not meeting expectations.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question or concern. My email address is
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