Waynesboro Area Senior High School


Course Syllabus


Course Title and Number:           10th Grade English 

Department:                                     English

Semester:                                         Fall and Spring

Class Meets:                                    Periods 1-7


Instructor:                                        Miss Spence

Phone:                                              762-1191 Ext. 2211

E-Mail Address:                    

Phone Number/Voice Mailbox:   762-1191 Ext. 2211

Teacher Webpage:                                    access through school home page

Preferred Method of Contact:     e-mail


Required Text(s):                           Elements of Literature –Fourth Course

                                                      English Composition and Grammar  


Related Materials:                          Novels –

                                                                     The Pearl

                                                                     Fahrenheit 451

                                                                            The Glass Castle

                                                                            The Life of Pi


Course Overview:                          This course is a state designed course with five  modules.  These modules are:  Rhetorical Devices Influence the Audience, Knowledge and Experience Shape Perspective, The Importance of  Influential Relationships, Mirrors:  Seeing Ourselves Through the Eyes of Others, and Constrained Perspectives   


Course Objectives:                        This course will meet the following objectives:


                                                             - learning to read independently

                                                             - reading critically in all content areas

                                                             - reading, analyzing, and interpreting







Course Instructor Philosophy:   Education is the key to success.


Course Outline/Topics:                World Literature



  • parts of speech
  • parts of the sentence
  • phrases
  • clauses
  • agreement
  • editing

                                                       Vocabulary – 15 units

 Novels – 4-5 from the previous list and possibly


Articles and short stories – as recommended in the state curriculum guide                                  



Course Requirements:                 vocabulary quizzes and tests, literature quizzes and writing assignments, grammar quizzes and tests, projects, and homework




Use of Technology:                       Power Point presentations, computer reviews, DVDs, CDs, and videos


Assessment Plan:                          Students are assessed on homework, quiz, essay, project, and test scores.  Rubrics are provided for most projects and other assessments are based on a point value.  Grades are determined by the percentage of the total point value that a student has earned.  Final grades for the course are calculated by averaging the percentages of the two marking periods in the semester.  A 100 point final exam based on vocabulary is given at the end of the course.  Please see my expectation sheet for more details on grades.


Course Policies/Expectations:   Please see the separate expectation sheet.  Please note that all rules in the student handbook will be followed.  Unexcused absences result in a zero for missed assignments and quizzes.  Consequences for misbehavior could be parent contact, teacher detention, or an office referral.


Emergency Procedures:              In case of an emergency like a fire, tornado, etc.,                         established district policies will be followed.

Suggestions for success:           In order to be successful in this course,

                                                            students must complete homework assignments,

                                                            pay attention and participate in class, take notes,

                                                            and study for tests and quizzes.




Movies/DVD:                                    The following movies may be shown in part or in full.  These movies have been approved by the school board and administration.  If you DO NOT wish your son/daughter to view any of these, please notify me. Julius Caesar,  Fahrenheit 451, The Life of Pi and textbook DVD clips.

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