Mr. Gary Brett

Mr. Brett Room 341,
(717) 762-1191 X2244

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year.

Students in "Poetry and The Short Story" course can look forward to a close examination of these two art forms. What is poetry? How does one read a poem with understanding? What makes a good short story? When and why did this art form develop? We will look at representative examples of many different kinds of poems from many different poets. We'll also spend time on some of the greatest short stories ever written by such authors as Poe, Hawthorne and Singer. As the semester progresses, we will try our hand at our own poetry and short stories-should be fun.

Students in "Technical Reading and Writing" should be prepared to examine technical writing of many different types. There are very few-if any-career fields that do not involve some type of reading and writing of technical information. Technical writing involves writing with absolute clarity and simplicity. After all, if the users manual for a chain saw isn't written with absolute clarity, the results could be disasterous!

 "Theater Arts" will cover all aspects of mounting and executing a stage production. We will examine the history of Western theater and the influences of the past on modern theater. We will look at acting, make-up, lighting, sound, stage production, producing and directing. This class will also be involved in our fall play, "Harvey."

"Advanced Placement Literature and Composition" students will explore some of the great works of Western Literature. We will spend time on poetry, drama, short stories and novels. We will begin by tracing the evolution of the English language from the earliest Anglo-Saxon writings through the development of Modern English. In addition to our classroom studies, students will have outside reading at all times. It is my hope to cover between ten and twelve novels this year. Major tests will be given on The Anglo-Saxons, The Middle Ages, two of Shakespeare's plays, Major American Poets and The British Romantics. Outside reading will be assessed by timed, in-class A.P. style essays. In addition, formative assessments will be given on various aspects of poetry and on individual poets. There will also be "did you read it?" quizzes wihich will count as homework grades. I'm looking forward to a fun and challenging year. See you all in August.
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