Personal Finance


This course is a graduation requirement designed to help seniors wisely manage finances. Understanding a paycheck and its deductions, retirement savings, cafeteria savings plans, and all other items impacting take­home pay will be analyzed. Students will evaluate expenses including housing, vehicle financing, consumer credit, insurances, taxes, and planning for the future. The purpose and roles of banks and credit unions will be discussed. Students will analyze how credit scores are determined and their impact on personal finances. Sample course units include the following:

  • Spending and Budgeting
  • Managing Expenses
  • Banking & Borrowing
  • Saving, Taxes and Investing 


  1. All policies, procedures, and rules as communicated in the WASHS Student Handbook will be followed.
  2. Students will be present, on time, and prepared for class each day.
  3. Students will give maximum effort in each and every aspect of the class.
  4. There will be a culture of respect and a positive classroom environment will be maintained. 

Attendance is critical as most of the work is done in class and there is no textbook. In the event of an absence, students will need to inquire about missed information, activities, and assignments AND make arrangements to complete make­up work as necessary. This may include coming in before the start of school or staying after. Reminder – it is the responsibility of the student to inquire about missed work!

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Time out! Student will be removed from situation…. individual discussion
  3. Parent contact
  4. Teacher assigned detention and parent contact
  5. Office referral and parent contact
  6. Administration and Guidance Counselor involvement


The student’s grade will be based on the following categories:

  • Homework                                                      10%
  • Classroom Assignments                          20%
  • Quizzes/Formative Assessments      30%
  • Tests/Summative Assessments          40%


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