Course Syllabus

Syllabus:  Money, Banking & Finance
Teacher:  Caroline J. Tassone
Business and Technology Dept:  WASD
Room 306


Learning how to manage money responsibly is the focus of this course.  Utilizing financial services and making wise choices in other areas of personal finance will help the student become a wise consumer and avoid foolish financial mistakes that detract from one’s standard of living.

Course requirements include completion of in-class assignments, class participation, homework which may require engaging in conversations of a financial nature with adults, quizzes, tests, and projects.  

Required Materials 

There is no text with this course all instructional materials will be provided by the teacher or obtained from the internet. 

Students are required to have a folder which will usually be left in the classroom.  Students are required to have a writing instrument with them on a daily basis.

Topics to be covered include: 

Personal Financial Planning 
Finances and career Planning                       
Consumer Credit
Money Management Strategy                      
The Finances of Housing
Consumer Purchasing and Protection
Saving and Investing                                                                                    
Home and Motor Vehicle Insurance
Real Estate and Other Investments              
Retirement and Estate Planning

Course Objectives 

          By completing this course students should be able to: 

Know how to be a smart shopper
Save more money
Build and manage credit
By a home and car
Invest wisely and build wealth
Plan for retirement
Avoid fraud and identity theft 

Course Instructor Philosophy 

All students are distinct individuals who can learn when provided with clear high expectations in a positive and safe learning environment.

 All individuals want to live the best life possible based on their income.  Knowledge of money, banking & finances is the basis for the ability to live within one’s means.  

Course Requirements 

Students must attend class on a regular basis.  As there is no text, participation in class is essential to gaining the knowledge necessary to meet the course objectives. 

Participation in individual and group activities is required to accomplish required projects. 

Use of Technology 
Computers, overhead projector, videos, and the Internet are tools used daily in class.  Students and parents are required to read and abide by the district’s student handbook for the computer use policy. 

Assessment Plan 

Students will have multiple ways in which they will be assessed.  Class work, group work, homework, quizzes, tests and projects will all be utilized to assess student knowledge.  All assignments will be given a point structure.  The high school grading scale, as noted in the student handbook, is followed in this class.

Mid-term reports will be sent home.  Parents are encouraged to e-mail anytime if they would like additional updates on grade status. 

Course Policies/Expectations 

All school rules apply in the classroom

Students are expected to work in assigned groups.  Group structure will change with each project.  No group assignments are to be completed individually.

Students are expected to give any class speaker respect.  Quiet attention and/or participation in the activities of a guest lecturer are expected.  Students who are not respectful of guest lecturers, will receive a zero for the day along with appropriate disciplinary action.

Hand in assignments on time.  Due dates will be enforced.  The student is responsible for obtaining missed assignments and completing them by the assigned due date.

Any name left by a substitute will receive detention.

Internet is only to be used for class assignments.

No rolling the chairs around the room.

Any computer problems or changes made to the system not reported upon entering the room are the responsibility of the current user.  If something is wrong, report it immediately.  Fines will be assessed when computers require repair.

Everyone must be in their seats with the class materials put away before anyone will be dismissed at the end of class.  The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.


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