Art Fundamentals

Purpose: High School Art 1 is a course that provides an introduction to art through a multi-media experience. Students will learn and apply the elements of art to produce creative artwork that reflect their understanding of these concepts.

Art 1 is the foundation course for all levels of art. You MUST PASS this class with a C or higher to take any other art classes at WASHS.

Course Objectives: In this course we will cover all of the Elements of Art
Line – Value – Texture – Color – Shape – Form – Space
Each Unit of Study will include:
1.     Art Cards (Art History and Current Artists)
2.     Art Vocabulary
3.     Warm up Exploratory Art
4.     Original Artwork
5.     Written final reflections for each artwork


  • You will only need to bring a pencil, eraser, your sketchbook, and your creative mind. Everything else will be given to you as needed, as long as you ask nicely. Just remember that all the tools and materials belong to the school, and must stay in this room.

  • Folders: Stays in the room. Collects all your worksheets, reflections, rubrics, etc.

Daily Expectations:

  • Be open to new ideas and artistic suggestions to your work.

  • Use your class time wisely while focusing all your energy into working on the project at hand.

  • Play and Create - but allow my assignments to push you. Don’t just create something you have already done before…

Assessment and Requirements:

  •  Participate! This class is 90% sweat, 10% talent. By staying on task and completing work, each student earns 3 points a day simply by being here, being a part of the group, and working hard.

  •  Artwork: Every project will be graded using self-evaluations and rubrics. All artwork must be labeled with your name and class and be turned in with a rubric and reflection attached. Work will be accepted up to one day after due date for half credit per building policy, after that, it’s an automatic 0.

  •  Grading: Each artwork turned in is a hands-on test of the artistic knowledge. Do you best work! Each project will be assessed with a rubric. This includes things like craftsmanship, originality, technique, and classroom attitude. You are graded on the final product and also how you go about completing the project.

  •  Tests: You will be quizzed on the information presented from each unit of study, the materials we use, and the techniques you learn. Artists, art styles, and time periods will also be quizzed. There is no cumulative final.

Course Policies:

  •  Due Dates: Projects are allotted a specified amount of time in class. It is important for you to be on top of your class work so that deadlines will be met. If you are running into trouble completing your project due to excused absences or problems with materials, be sure to make me aware of the situation so a reasonable due date can be assigned.

  •  Absences: If you are absent, you are responsible for making up all missed work. It is YOUR responsibility to approach me, or your peers with any questions.

  •  AWOLS: If you choose to skip a class you give up the right to make up or get credit for anything we did that day.

  •  Class Disruptions: There are dangerous and expensive materials in this room and inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated.

Safety Information:


  •  Fire Drill: Exit the room and out the door on the right.

  •  First Aid: Yeah, I have band-aids. There is a First Aid Kit in the bookshelf. Help Yourself.  Be careful!

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