AP Summer Assignments

Summer AP Studio Art Assignments:

Because the AP Studio Art course is very demanding, students are required to complete 4 of the following summer assignments. Summer work will be critiqued and grade the first week of school. DO NOT procrastinate. We will be able to tell who spent time and who rushed on their summer assignments. Summer pieces can be refined or reworked during the school year and used toward the completion of portfolios. To have enough work in May, students must complete a challenging 1-2 projects a week. Thus, students who come with several pieces completed over the summer will be much more prepared for the rigor of the school year. Assignments may be completed in your sketchbook or larger paper.

1. Summer Sketchbook Assignment Options: (Choose a minimum of 4)

  • Self Portrait - use a mirror, vary the lighting, use different media, paper, be dramatic

  • Still Life - dramatic lighting, bold contrast, use objects with varied texture

  • Landscape - do a drawing on location

  • Magnify a metallic object - Zoom in on a section of a spoon, car, a silver platter, etc.

  • Do a landscape or self-portrait in the style of a famous artist or art movement (Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Pop-Art, Surrealism, etc.)

  • Draw your hands, or someone else’s.

  • Redesign a logo - make it new and communicate new ideas

  • Do a contour line drawing - use only lines, no shading to create value and depth

  • Elements/Principles scavenger hunt - take 10 digital images each capturing at least 5 different elements and principles in nature.

  • Make a still life out of non-traditional media - consider sewing or collage

  • Draw/paint an emotion - rage, loneliness, joy, etc. Be creative.

  • Create a futuristic landscape - i.e. Pittsburgh in 2099. Keep linear perspective rules in mind.

  • Create a non-objective piece that uses shape and color to create visual rhythm.

Recommended media: Try ballpoint pen, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, markers, sharpie, scratch art, etc. Use the entire page - you may work in your sketchbook if it is at least 8” x 10”, or you may work larger.

2. Make a references folder

Ideas for artwork are everywhere! Document them so you don’t forget them. You never know when you might need that inspiration late in this course. Use your sketchbook as an “artistic scrapbook.” Do internet and library research, check out magazines, and look around. Compile copies, clipping, scans of at least 30 different artworks/artists you find inspiring.

3. Instagram:

Follow me @WASHSart. http://instagram.com/washsart Throughout the summer, I will post images of cool artwork from real artists who are creating artwork today. When you see such posts, check them out, click the link to the artist, and tell me what you think. Take the time to stop, look at art, and reflect on what you are seeing in some way. We will be using instagram throughout the course to display our work, critique images, and stay informed.

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