English 11


Course Title and Number:                  E201: English 11

Department:                                        Language Arts

Instructor:                                           Ms. Renee Rudolph

Phone:                                                 717-762-1191, Extension 1250

E-Mail Address:                                  renee_rudolph@wasdpa.org

Room                                                  339

Preferred Method of Contact:             E-Mail


Related Materials:                               3 Ring Binder

                                                            3 Ring Binder Dividers with Tabs

                                                            Jump Drive


Course Overview:                                In English 11, the overarching theme is how history impacts literature. The study modules include: Rhetorical Devices Portray Emotions, Beliefs, and Experiences to an Audience; The Impact of Stereotypes on 21st Century Society; Intentions and Integrity, and Our Moral Compass; Propaganda and Satire; The Pursuit of Happiness; and The Graduation Research Paper.

Course Outline:                                 Module: Pursuit of Happiness

            • Of Mice and Men text and video
            • We Were Liars

Module: The Impact of Stereotypes on the 21st Century

·         A Raisin in the Sun text and video

·         The Freedom Summer Murders

·         The Color of Water

Module: The Research Paper

·         Research Manual

Note: In order to satisfy the Graduation Requirement, students must achieve a 70% on the paper.

Module: Rhetorical Devices Portray Emotions, Beliefs, and Experiences to an Audience

·         The Things They Carried


Module: Propaganda and Satire

·         Animal Farm

Optional Text

·         1984

·         Brave New World

Module: Intentions and Integrity, and Our Moral Compass

·         The Crucible


Note: This is a tentative outline that may change at the instructor’s discretion.


Course Requirements:

·         Participation: This is expected daily and achieved by staying organized, staying on task, and participating in discussions.

§  Class Work: Given daily

§  Unit Tests and Quizzes

§  Projects

§  Oral Presentations/Speeches

§  Graduation Paper


Assessment Plan:

§  Homework   (10%)

§  Class Work/Participation (20%)

§  Quizzes/Formative Assessments (30%)

§  Tests/Summative Assessments (40%)



Grading Scale

100—90                  A

89—80                   B

79—70                   C

69—60                   D

Below 60                F


Note: I do not give extra credit.

           I do not round.


Course Policies/Expectations:            I have two expectations:

1.       That you conduct yourself as any other mature, eleventh grade student would.

2.       That you try your best to succeed in this course 

by following my discipline plan and list of procedures (see attachment), so we can have a good classroom environment that will prepare us to achieve.


Detention Policy

If you choose to be disruptive and/or disrespectful, the following actions will occur:

  • You will be given a 15 minute detention that will be assigned for the next day.  If you decide to be blatantly disrespectful and tear/rip or throw away the detention notice, you will automatically be sent to the office.
  • You are expected to be on time to detention.  Detention begins at 7:15 and you need to be seated in a desk with something academic to do.  If you do not have anything to do or if you are even a minute late, I will consider you a no show and turn your name into the office.

Detention is not something you are given; it is something you have earned.  If you are respectful and follow the guidelines, we won’t have a problem!



Tardy Policy

When the bell rings, you are expected to be in your assigned seat or you are considered tardy.  If you are tardy be sure to follow the following procedures:

  • Quietly sign in as soon as you come into the room.  (If you have an office slip or a signed planner you do not have to sign in.)
  • Go to your desk quietly and get out the materials needed for class.
  • Ask the person sitting next to you where we are and begin working

 Note: If you have 3 tardies without a slip or a signed planner you will be given a detention, any time after that is an office referral. 



Absentee Policy

  • If you miss a day or more of class due to illness, you are expected to complete all the assignments you have missed. 
  • You are expected to see me at an appropriate time to find out what you missed.  Appropriate means do not interrupt me in the middle of class to ask me what you missed.  Before the bell rings, or at the end of the class to find out what you missed.  It is your responsibility to approach me; I will not approach you!
  • Once you receive your assignment, you have 2 days per day you were absent to make it up.  Once that time expires, I will not accept any make up work.
  • You are expected to make up missed test and quizzes within one week of your absence.  Once that time expires, you may no longer make up the missed test or quiz.



Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism, the attempt to pass off the ideas, research, or theories or words of another as your own, is a serious academic offense.  Plagiarism is defined as using another’s words or ideas without clearly acknowledging the source of information including: another person’s idea, opinion, and/or theory, any facts, statistics, graphs, and/or drawings that are not common knowledge, quotations of another’s actual written or spoken words, paraphrase of another’s written or spoken words.  Students must give credit where credit is due, or face serious academic consequences.  It is my policy that any student found to have knowingly plagiarized any material in written or oral assignments will receive no credit for that assignment and will not be given the opportunity to redo that assignment.

English 11 Curriculum

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