Julius Caesar Test Review

Julius Caesar Unit Test Review Terms

Characters of the Play:

Portia                                    Calphurnia                          Brutus                                   Caesar                                  Antony

Octavius                               Lepidus                                Decius                                   Casca                                     Cicero

Cinna                                     Cassius                                 Soothsayer                         Lucilius                                  Strato





   Pathos                                  Logos                                    Anaphora                           

Repetition                           Allusion                                                Bandwagon                     

   Red Herring                    




Tragic Hero                                 

        Tragic Flaw                                          Triumvirate                         Foreshadowing

Ambition                                             Personification                                  Aside                                     Pun                       

Double entendre                             Mood                                                    Irony                                     Anachronism

Conflict                                                 Setting            



"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"

Major Themes to Consider:

Personal intentions v/s political intentions

Fate v/s Free Will

Inability to Compromise

Essay Question with FCAs:

Part V. Written Response. (30 points possible)

Shakespeare titled his play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. However, is Caesar really the play’s tragic hero? A tragic hero is defined by Aristotle as “a literary character who makes a judgment error, due to a flawed personality trait, and suffers a great downfall ( usually death).”  Write a well-organized essay in which you present evidence for either Caesar, Brutus, or Cassius being the play’s tragic hero. 


5 points: Student has a clear introduction with a thesis statement and a clear conclusion that restates the thesis.

5 points: Student has clearly defined who is the tragic hero of the play and provided the flawed trait of the character and the effect that had on his downfall.

20 points: Student has used three examples from the text to support their claim of the tragic hero.

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